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BMW E30 M3 + SSR Formula Mesh = FPURISTS

SSR Formula Mesh BMW E30 M3
BMW E30 M3 ON SSR Formula Mesh

Iconic car… Check
Iconic Wheels… Check
Rare Evo parts.. Check
Fat Lips… Check

Say what you want, but this car is hot! Due to it’s “Stance”, this car has caused some mixed heat on some internet forums. Obviously
this car is not daily driven, but it just looks right. Not only is the car built, but the owner also took his time and built the wheels.

“So I am sure most of you have seen these. I spent nearly a year buying parts/pieces/wheels to make the set you see here. They
are the ONLY set I have ever seen on a BMW with a 5×120 bolt pattern, let alone with stepped lips ”
– internet user “KarlSpackler”

SSR Formula Mesh BMW E30 M3

Front wheel profile, note how close the front lip
is to the ground.

SSR Formula Mesh BMW E30 M3

Rear wheel profile, thats almost 5 inches of lip…

I do agree with the owner, not only do you 17″ SSR Formula Mesh barrels, but you hardly see 9 or 10 inch wide Formula Mesh Barrels
as well.  This car has the perfect blend of Euro and JDM.

Wheel Specs:
SSR Formula Mesh – Stepped Lips
17×9 +10 ~ 3.5″ lip
17×10 +0 ~ 4.75″ lip
72.56 center bore
White powdercoated faces
Black Anodized Hardware

Tires Specs:
215/35 Falken 452s front
225/35 Yoko S.Drives rear


I’m not sure if this car had a full feature anywhere, but if it does please let me know so I can add it here.

SSR Formula Mesh BMW E30 M3 SSR Formula Mesh BMW E30 M3 SSR Formula Mesh BMW E30 M3

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JDM Truck – Modtaco's Toyota Tacoma on Work Meister S1

I have a huge fetish for minitrucks on fresh JDM wheels. This supreme 2001 Toyota Tacoma fills that fetish for me and belongs
to internet user Modtaco. Unique to this truck are the 4″ flares on the rear filled with some really deep 11.5″ wide Work Meisters,
and a custom bag setup that currently pancakes the rear but also brings don the front nicely. The front features 4wd fenders
that house 10″ wide Meisters.  The truck is still a work in progress, but it looks really hot as is. – JDM Truck: Toyota Tacoma on Work Meister S1

JDM Truck: Toyota Tacoma on Work Meister S1

“Here's mine. It's a 2001 tacoma with 18×10 & 18×11.5 WORK Meister wheels, custom disk brakes, widebodied,
fully built engine with standalone management and a GT35R turbo, 3″ side exit exhaust, JDM ITR seats…”
– modtaco

Wide stance on the front

While Taco Supreme looks really aggressive, it also packs a punch with a GT35R pushing the 325hp out of the stock 2.4.

Readers Rides section of Minitruckin Magazine September, 2009. The following quote is really impressive to me:

“…the 18×9 and 18×11 Work Wheels that evan brought back from Japan as checked luggage.”
– Ben Da Pirate – Minitruckin Magazine

Check out the rear flare, the old rims didnt fill.

“The wheels are 18″ WORK XSA-01T. They are 3 piece and are 9″ wide in front with 245/45/18 rubber and 10″ wide in the rear with 275/40/18.”
– modtaco

Current Wheels: 18x10F 18×11.5R WORK Meister wheels
Old Wheels: 18x9F 18x10R WORK XSA-01T
Brakes: Phatty's Big Brake Kit
Interior: JDM ITR Recaro
Engine: 2.4L GT35R Standalone

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Rare Parts: Millenium… oops Watanabe Falcon Steering Wheel

Watanabe Falcon Steering Wheel

Watanabe parts are already hard to get… Getting a Watanabe Falcon steering wheel is a lot harder. Try finding somone selling one right now, chances are slim. The wheel comes in two versions; 3 spoke and 4 spoke. One is a Falcon Type I and the other is Falcon Type II, I really don’t know which one is which. The steering wheel features a unique horn with the Watanabe Falcon logo. This is a piece I wish I could add to my collection.

Watanabe Falcon Steering Wheel

Hex Shape Horn Button with 3 Watanabe Falcons

Watanabe Falcon Steering Wheel

Looks good in the daytime

Watanabe Falcon Steering Wheel

and night too

Watanabe Falcon Steering Wheel
Watanabe Falcon Steering Wheel

Watanabe Falcon Steering Wheel with box

Fresh out the box



Watanabe Falcon Steering Wheel markings

Made in Italy like a fine Handbag


Watanabe Falcon Steering Wheel 4 spoke

What does that say in in the middle? type I or Type II?
This wheel is listed for 35800, thats approximately $477

Watanabe Falcon Steering Wheel with box and plastic wrapper

Brand New in Plastic Wrapper.
This one is listed for 89000 yen, approximately $1186… WOW!


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Celebrity Datsun Collector – Adam Carolla

Adam Carolla BRE Datsun Roadster

Adam gettin’ down on the track!

Many celebrities are known for thier car collection. Jay Leno has whole warehouse full of unique cars. Tim Allen and Frankie Munoz have thier collections. Jerry Sienfeld as a nice Porsche collection. Now what sets Comedian and host of “The Car Show’s” Adam Carolla’s Car Collecion Apart? He Collects Datsuns, yes the common man’s econobox maker from Japan, Datsun. Don’t get him wrong, he does have Lambo’s and Ferrari’s, but he has some nice top notch Historical Datsuns.


Adam Carolla Camel GT Datsun 280z s30

What a beautifully restored s30


“Scattered throughout the room, bathed in natural light from large windows, we found a Datsun Camel GT pace car built by Bob Sharp parked next to a Paul Newman / Bob Sharp Racing IMSA 300ZX. A few feet away, sitting next to the tool cabinets with its rear wheels riding on rollers to ease movement around the shop, was a custom Datsun Roadster 1600 racer with radically-flared fenders in bright orange. (Adam hasn’t raced each of these, and he may never, but he currently participates in his share of on-track competitions in his stunning Bob Sharp Datsun 610.)”
– Michael Harley,


Adam Carolla Datsun 610

Nickel Penny and Dime

12 Cylinders of fury in the Miura

Adam Carolla BMW E30 M3

And he even has a BMW E30 M3



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Recommended Reading for Wheel Whores: Old-School JDM Vintage Wheels



Import Tuner Magazine has provided this great article for all us Wheel Whores out there. Covering some of the hot JDM
wheels from the 80’s and 90’s. Can you believe that no one even used the term “JDM” back then?


If anyone knows which issue of Import Tuner this is from please let me know, it’s a must add to my library.

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BBS RS – Old School Sightings

BBS RS’s are the “Jack of All Trades” of performance wheels. OEM on VW’s, BMW’s & Toyota’s; and fitted on everything between Corvette’s to Civic’s.

Here are a few old school sightings of BBS RS in the Media:

BBS RS Mercedes S Class Miami Vice
Check out Crockett and Tubbs posing with this Euro S Class

And Biz Markie with this MPV on RS’s


I know theres more out there, as I see them I shall ad them. Please drop me a line if you know any.