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JDM Truck – Modtaco's Toyota Tacoma on Work Meister S1

I have a huge fetish for minitrucks on fresh JDM wheels. This supreme 2001 Toyota Tacoma fills that fetish for me and belongs
to internet user Modtaco. Unique to this truck are the 4″ flares on the rear filled with some really deep 11.5″ wide Work Meisters,
and a custom bag setup that currently pancakes the rear but also brings don the front nicely. The front features 4wd fenders
that house 10″ wide Meisters.  The truck is still a work in progress, but it looks really hot as is. – JDM Truck: Toyota Tacoma on Work Meister S1

JDM Truck: Toyota Tacoma on Work Meister S1

“Here's mine. It's a 2001 tacoma with 18×10 & 18×11.5 WORK Meister wheels, custom disk brakes, widebodied,
fully built engine with standalone management and a GT35R turbo, 3″ side exit exhaust, JDM ITR seats…”
– modtaco

Wide stance on the front

While Taco Supreme looks really aggressive, it also packs a punch with a GT35R pushing the 325hp out of the stock 2.4.

Readers Rides section of Minitruckin Magazine September, 2009. The following quote is really impressive to me:

“…the 18×9 and 18×11 Work Wheels that evan brought back from Japan as checked luggage.”
– Ben Da Pirate – Minitruckin Magazine

Check out the rear flare, the old rims didnt fill.

“The wheels are 18″ WORK XSA-01T. They are 3 piece and are 9″ wide in front with 245/45/18 rubber and 10″ wide in the rear with 275/40/18.”
– modtaco

Current Wheels: 18x10F 18×11.5R WORK Meister wheels
Old Wheels: 18x9F 18x10R WORK XSA-01T
Brakes: Phatty's Big Brake Kit
Interior: JDM ITR Recaro
Engine: 2.4L GT35R Standalone

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