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Hayashi Devil Shadow Spoke on Datsun Bluebird 610 Coupe – JDM Wheels

Devil Shadow Spoke on Datsun Bluebird 610 Coupe JDM Wheels
Hayashi The Devil Shadow Spoke are Old School JDM Wheels which may have been made by Hayashi Racing, I could be wrong. Pictured here is a very nice Datsun Bluebird 610 Coupe on a set of Devil Shadow Spoke JDM Wheels. The Devil Shadow Spoke have a distinct triple bar cross spoke design set in a thick stepped lip barrel.
Devil Shadow Spoke on Datsun Bluebird 610 Coupe JDM Wheels
Check out that thick stepped lip on the Hayashi Devil Shadow Spoke JDM Wheels, and the way the face is in set the barrel. The Datsun Bluebird 610 Coupe is also a machine with really nice lines.

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Celebrity Datsun Collector – Adam Carolla

Adam Carolla BRE Datsun Roadster

Adam gettin’ down on the track!

Many celebrities are known for thier car collection. Jay Leno has whole warehouse full of unique cars. Tim Allen and Frankie Munoz have thier collections. Jerry Sienfeld as a nice Porsche collection. Now what sets Comedian and host of “The Car Show’s” Adam Carolla’s Car Collecion Apart? He Collects Datsuns, yes the common man’s econobox maker from Japan, Datsun. Don’t get him wrong, he does have Lambo’s and Ferrari’s, but he has some nice top notch Historical Datsuns.


Adam Carolla Camel GT Datsun 280z s30

What a beautifully restored s30


“Scattered throughout the room, bathed in natural light from large windows, we found a Datsun Camel GT pace car built by Bob Sharp parked next to a Paul Newman / Bob Sharp Racing IMSA 300ZX. A few feet away, sitting next to the tool cabinets with its rear wheels riding on rollers to ease movement around the shop, was a custom Datsun Roadster 1600 racer with radically-flared fenders in bright orange. (Adam hasn’t raced each of these, and he may never, but he currently participates in his share of on-track competitions in his stunning Bob Sharp Datsun 610.)”
– Michael Harley, Celebritycarsblog.com


Adam Carolla Datsun 610

Nickel Penny and Dime

12 Cylinders of fury in the Miura

Adam Carolla BMW E30 M3

And he even has a BMW E30 M3



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