BMW E30 M3 + SSR Formula Mesh = FPURISTS

SSR Formula Mesh BMW E30 M3
BMW E30 M3 ON SSR Formula Mesh

Iconic car… Check
Iconic Wheels… Check
Rare Evo parts.. Check
Fat Lips… Check

Say what you want, but this car is hot! Due to it’s “Stance”, this car has caused some mixed heat on some internet forums. Obviously
this car is not daily driven, but it just looks right. Not only is the car built, but the owner also took his time and built the wheels.

“So I am sure most of you have seen these. I spent nearly a year buying parts/pieces/wheels to make the set you see here. They
are the ONLY set I have ever seen on a BMW with a 5×120 bolt pattern, let alone with stepped lips ”
– internet user “KarlSpackler”

SSR Formula Mesh BMW E30 M3

Front wheel profile, note how close the front lip
is to the ground.

SSR Formula Mesh BMW E30 M3

Rear wheel profile, thats almost 5 inches of lip…

I do agree with the owner, not only do you 17″ SSR Formula Mesh barrels, but you hardly see 9 or 10 inch wide Formula Mesh Barrels
as well.  This car has the perfect blend of Euro and JDM.

Wheel Specs:
SSR Formula Mesh – Stepped Lips
17×9 +10 ~ 3.5″ lip
17×10 +0 ~ 4.75″ lip
72.56 center bore
White powdercoated faces
Black Anodized Hardware

Tires Specs:
215/35 Falken 452s front
225/35 Yoko S.Drives rear


I’m not sure if this car had a full feature anywhere, but if it does please let me know so I can add it here.

SSR Formula Mesh BMW E30 M3 SSR Formula Mesh BMW E30 M3 SSR Formula Mesh BMW E30 M3




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