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TRD Type FT Wheels and TRD 3000GT Racing Aero Cowl

TRD Type FT Wheels and TRD 3000GT Racing Aero Cowl Toyota Supra
TRD Type FT wheels are 6 spoke JDM Wheels pictured on the bottom Toyota Supra pictured. Produced by Rays Engineering for TRD, they were a popular choice for many Toyota Models of the day. The Toyota Supra is also pictured wearing a TRD 3000GT Racing Aero Cowl, which is the fancy name for the vented hood. The TRD 3000GT Racing Aero Cowl is actually a pretty innovative design as it was copied to many Acura Integra, Honda Civic, and Mitsubish Eclipse of the late 90’s.


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Fake Nardi Steering Wheel

Im sure everyone has seen the youtube video “Fat Guy Bends Nardi Steering Wheel”, but look what could also happen

“personal experience from a fake nardie… they suck.

was a silly move buying it in the first place but i thought being just a corolla it would be fine.

this happened to me when i was driving, luckily at a small private track, nothing disastrous came from it. but its not a nice feeling. litterally snapped off in my hands. f**k china.”

– user skd-570

Stay away from fake parts boys and girls, they can lead to danger.

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