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Super Advan SA-3 by Yokohama Performance - JDM Wheels

The Super Advan SA-3 are JDM Wheels that really give off that Classic Made in Japan look. Especially the set pictured, the 3 spoke design with red centers really sets it off. Super Advan SA-3 are 2 piece wheels manufactured by Enkei, and they look very unique. Originally they were available in “Advan Red”, Metalic Silver and Super Pearl White. Pictured above are on an R32 Nissan Skyline.

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BRX BM-1 by Yokohama Performance - JDM Wheels

The Yokohama BRX BR-1 are Classic JDM Wheels from the 90’s. As with many other popular JDM Wheels of the time, the YOkohama BRX BM-1 feature a classic mesh design with hidden lug nuts and a center nut which looks like a center lock design. Pictured are the Yokohama BRX BM-1 mounted on a Nissan Cedric Y32.


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PIAA Nakajima Racing RT / RF - JDM Wheels

Piaa is probably most known for their aftermarket lighting systems, but they also had a line of JDM Wheels. The PIAA Nakajima Racing RT is a 5 spoke one piece wheel. The PIAA Nakajima Racing RF is similar but with 2 piece construction also with a recessed center. The PIAA Nakajima Racing Type RT and PIAA Nakajima Racing Type RF wwere manufactured in Japan by Enkei Wheels. They were available in Diamond Cut finish, Racing Silver and Racing Buff Finish aka Polished.


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Super Xiphos by Dunlop - JDM Wheels

The Dunlop Super Xiphos are JDM Wheels that really were not as popular as many others, but definitely had a really cool look to them. The Dunlop Super Xiphos are 3 piece wheels which feature a classic 5 spoke star design with exposed bolts on mounted on top of the lip.  Rounded edges of the spoke give the Super Xiphos a unique look from other popular 5 spoke wheels of the time. Pictured in the ad are the Super Xiphos mounted to a Nissan Fairlady Z 300ZX Z32 series.

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SSR Longchamp XR-4Z Kai by Speedstar Racing

The Longchamp XR-4Z Kai are JDM Wheels which carries the 6 spoke tradition from the older and smaller SSR Longchamp XR-4. The updated Longchamp XR-4Z Kai by SSR Wheels are available in larger 16″-17″ sizes and have a more moders style organic face and barrel design. Pictured on the ad are the SSR Longchamp XR-4Z Kai on an R33 Nissan Skyline GT-R.


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The SSR MK-IIIS & SSR MK-II R from Speed Star Racing were JDM Wheels based on older wheels from SSR. The SSR MK-IIIS is a design based off the olderSSR MKIII with its bigger spokes and alternating smaller 4 spokes. The updated version of the SSR MKIIIS has a full face on a reverse lip as opposed to the older small face on stepped lip. The SSR MK3 are pictured on a Honda Civic EG Series. The SSR MK-IIR has four rounded spokes also in a reverse lip, as opposed to the older SSR MKII which has four spokes but squared matched with a step lip. The SSR MK2R pictures are on a Nissan Skyline R32. Interestingly, I wonder if The SSR MKI had a modernized Version.

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JDM Wheels - SSR GPO & SSR Alcyber

JDM Wheels – SSR GPO & SSR Alcyber by Speed Star Racing. If you were an old school JDM Wheel Whore in the mid-late 90’s you have to know everyone wanted two wheels, the SSR GPO and the Racing Hart Type-C; here is a rare wheel scan of the SSR GP-O and SSR Alcyber. Some people have referred them as SSR GP Omega due to the greek symbol, but that is actually a Theta symbol to make it the SSR GP Theta. The SSR GP-O is a two piece mesh wheel with a faux centerlock design really being the center cap; a very popular design at the time. The SSR Alcyber is the 5 spoke brother to the SSR GPO also with the faux centerlock center cap. Both wheels state sizing from 16×7 to 18×9.5, but I have seen 16×6.5 and 18×10 from the Speed Star Racing factory. Now does anyone else see similarities in the SSR wheels GPO and the Racing Hart Type C; or the SSR wheels Alcyber and Racing Hart Tracer? Well just about every JDM wheel manufacturer had a mesh and 5 spoke design at this time.

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