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Work Ewing III - JDM Wheels

The Work Ewing Line are the Luxury JDM Wheels from Work Wheels. The Work Ewing III designates the 5 spoke offerings in the Work Ewing Line. This version of the Work Ewing III is available in 15, 16 & 17 inch models with a reverse style lip. Pictured are the Work Ewing III mounted on a JDM Toyota Mark II Sedan.


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Mugen CF-48 Aero Wheels - JDM Wheels

The Mugen CF-48 are JDM Wheels that used an aero design. The The Mugen CF-48 has had several nicknames such as the clutch wheels and the manhole covers. The center area does have a clutch like appearance to help draw air from the brakes. An optional aero cover was also available to help the air and for aerodynamics. Pictured are the CF-48 on a first generation Honda Integra.


Mugen Power
Mugen CF-48
Honda Integra
Acura Integra
JDM Wheels


Hiro V-1 by SSR Wheels - JDM Wheels

The Hiro V-1 are Classic JDM Wheels made for the Japanese tuning firm Hiro Engineering manufactured by Speedstar Racing aka SSR Wheels. SSR Hiro V-1 styling was inspired by the Super Silhoutte Racers of the day. Originally available in Chrome, White and Gun Metal as shown, there is also a colorway of Gold with white accents. The Hiro V-1 also features the SSR Electron Magnetic locking system.

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Work Pietra Racing - JDM Wheels

The Work Pietra Racing are JDM Wheels  fromWork Wheels’ Cockpit line. The Work Pietra Racing are light weight wheels that feature a double three spoke design, and were offered in silver red or black. Pictured aboe are the Pietra Racing mounted on an EG Honda Civic.



Work Pietra Racing
EG Honda Civic
JDM Wheels
Work Wheels



Hasemi Sport S5 & S5R by SSR Wheels - JDM Wheels

The Hasemi Sport S5 and The Hasemi Sport S5R are classic JDM Wheels from Speed Star Racing. The Hasemi Sport S5 shares the Electron Locking System shared with the more popular SSR EX-C Fin and Racing Hart Super Fin. The Hasemi Sport S5 are available in 14″ – 16″ diameters. The Hasemi Sport S5R is the 17″ version, but does not have the Electron Lock. Pictured are the Hasemi Sport S5R on an R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R.


Hasemi Sport S5
Hasemi Sport S5R
SSR Wheels
Speedstar Racing
JDM Wheels
Nissan Skyline GT-R R32


Enkei Racing Peaks - JDM Wheels

Enkei Racing Peaks are JDM Wheels which were popular in the late 90′s. Enkei Racing Peaks featured a 5 spoke design and two piece construction. The center caps are scripted ” Racing Peaks – Racing Spirits and Function. Pictured above are Enkei Racing Peaks on a Honda Civic Hatchback EG.


Enkei Racing Peaks
Honda Civic
JDM Wheels


Super Star Wheels Line Up - JDM Wheels

Super Star Wheels has been manufacturing JDM Wheels since the 80′s. This ad exhibits their lineup from 1982.
Super Star Wheels SS05 on a Nissan 240ZG
Super Star Wheels SS01 On a Toyota Chaser
Super Star Wheels SSRIII Mazda RX7 SA
Super Star Wheels SS06 Pontiac Trans Am
Super Star Wheels SSRFIII Mazda 323
Super Star Wheels SSRFI Honda Prelude
Super Star Wheels SS03 Nissan Cedric


Racing Beat RB-02 by Takechi Project - JDM Wheels

Racing Beat RB-02 are JDM wheels that were produced by Takechi Project, who also produce the JDM Wheels Racing Hart. More interesting is the fact that the Racing Beat RB-02 is actually manufactured by Work Wheels. Could we say Racing Beat RB-02 produced by Takechi Project Manufactured by Work Wheels? The Racing Beat RB-02 feature a 3 piece construction with a 6 spoke face featuring a faux center lock, hidden lug nut design. – Racing Beat RB-02 JDM Wheels

Racing Beat RB-02 by Takechi Project - JDM Wheels

The Racing Beat RB-02 are mainly designed for Mazda Miata 4×100, and Mazda RX7 5×114 fitments. Sizing included 15×6.0~15×7, 16×6.5~16×9.0 and 17×7.0~17×10 inch fitments. I’m sure 17×10.0 would look killer on the rear of an RX7. – Racing Beat RB-02 JDM Wheels

Racing Beat RB-02 by Takechi Project - JDM Wheels

Here is a picture of the Land Speed Record Mazda RX7 FD sporting 6 spoke wheels. Not sure if those are custom Racing Beat Wheels or otherwise. Skinny Wheels and Tires are used on Land Speed Record Cars to reduce rolling Resistance and aid in top speed attempts. – Racing Beat RB-02 JDM Wheels

Racing Beat RB-02 by Takechi Project - JDM Wheels

NA Mazda Miata on Racing Beat RB-02 in the Racing Beat Livery Colors. One interesting thing about this wheel ad is that all of the pictures are taken in the USA, as Racing Beat is an American Company. – Racing Beat RB-02 JDM Wheels

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BBR-6 & BBR-9 br Bahnbrecher Racing - JDM Wheels

BBR Racing, more formally Bahnbrecher Racing, from Japan has been known to produce only a selection few JDM Wheels. The is a 2 piece wheel with a nice and simple 6 spoke design as the name implies. Picture above are fitted on a Honda Prelude. The BBR-9 is a lightweight 1 pice wheel with a 9 spoke design and are fitted on an NA Mazda Miata. Both styles are actually manufactured by Enkei Wheels.


BBR-6 & BBR-9 br Bahnbrecher Racing - JDM Wheels

Bahnbrecher Racing BBR-9 Wheels & Bahnbrecher Racing BBR-6 Wheels – JDM Wheels

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