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BRS Poison by Work Wheels - JDM Wheels

The BRS Poison are JDM Wheels made by Work Wheels. The BRS Poison feature 3 piece construction, utilizing sandwich mounted faces; this leads to a very nice exposed wheel bolt design. The BRS poison were available in a nice variety of sizes between 16×7 and 17×11 and in Gunmetallic or Silver. As the ad implies, they were available in 5×114 5×112 and 5×120 PCDs. Pictured are BRS Poison mounted to a FC3S Mazda RX7.

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Cragar SS Chrome & Cragar Wire - JDM Wheels

The Cragar SS Chrome Wheels are JDM Wheels geared towards American Cars. The Cragar SS Chrome feature a 5 spoke design with exposed lug nuts. The Cragar SS Chrome are one piece wheels with a chrome finish as the name implies. The Cragar Wire feature Multi Piece construction; consisting of a center piece, outer barrel and a series of spokes. Pictured are the Cragar SS Chrome on an older Chevrolet Camaro.

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Yokohama Slim Line SF-01 - JDM Wheels

The Yokohama Slim Line SF-01 are Fin Type are JDM Wheels for FF configured Vehicles. The The Yokohama Slim Line SF-01 features one piece construction, and b the name of it may be targetted by smaller Kei Cars.

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Toyota Celica XX 2800GT MA61 JDM Toyota Supra Mark II

The Toyota Celica XX 2800GT MA61 is the JDM Version of the USDM Toyota Supra Mark II. Sharing chassis with similar year Toyota Celica, the Toyota Celica XX / Toyota Supra a bigger 6 cylinder 2.8 Liter DOHC 5M-GE engine.


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Heroes Racing S-911 - JDM Wheels

The Heroes Racing S-911 are JDM Wheels which feature a classic 5 spoke wheel design. The Heroes Racing S-911 also have 3 piece construction in the sandwich mount configuration with a nice exposed bolt feature as well as exposed lug nuts. The S-911 were available in Silver and Gunmetalic finishes. Pictured are the Heroes Racing S-911 on a SW20 Toyota MR2 with 16×8 +30 rear on 225/50/16 tires and 16×7 +30 on 205/50/16 tires.

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Gull RS by Lucky Lark - JDM Wheels

The Gull RS are JDM Wheels which feature a 5 spoke design. The Gull RS has a covered lug nut design with a locking Hex Nut which emulates a Center Lock system. The Gull RS were available in 14-17 inch diameters. Pictured are the Gull RS on an NA Series Mazda Miata V-Special on 16×7 +35 wrapped in 195/50/15 tires.


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Spoon Sports Accessories EF Honda Civic CR-X NSX

Spoon Sports is known to make high quality high performance parts for Honda Car. This Advertisement show some of the parts from the early 90’s including Honda Civic, Honda CR-X, Honda Integra, Honda NSX and More!


1 Spoon Sports Shift Knob
2 Spoon sports VTEC Controller VC-3E
3 Spoon sports Guage Cluster
4 Spoon Sports Front Strut Tower Bar
5 Spoon Sports ECU
6 Spoon Sports Oil Cooler
7 Spoon Sports Suspension Damper Kit Rear
8 Spoon Sports Suspension Damper Kit Front
9 Spoon Sports Suspension Bushing
10 Spoon Sports Brake Pads

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