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Watanabe RS8 (RS Eight) by SSR Wheels – JDM Wheels

The Watanabe RS8 / Watanabe RS Eight are JDM Wheels made by SSR Wheels aka Speedstar Racing. The Watanabe RS8 also referred to as the SSR RS8 are 2 piece wheels with a removable face bolted in to an aluminum barrel. As the name implies, the Watanabe RS8 has the classic Watanabe wheels 8 spoke design.
Pictured are the Watanabe RS8 / Watanabe RS Eight on a Mazda Capella Estate, R32 Nissan Skyline and on a Z32 Nissan 300ZX Fairlady.

Watanabe RS8
Watanabe RS Eight
SSR RS Eight
SSR Wheels
Speedstar Racing
Watanabe Wheels
Mazda Capella Estate
Nissan Skylline R32
Nissan 300ZX Fairlady Z32
JDM wheels

Toyota Supra JZA80 & Ferrari F40 LM from  BP Oil

This is a neat BP Oil Ad from 1996 featuring a Blitz Toyota Supra and Taisan Ferrari F40 LM.

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Drag Viewer by Fortran - JDM Wheels

The Fortran Drag Viewer are JDM Wheels which feature lightweight one piece construction. The Fortran Drag Viewer have a simple five spoke design with really thin spokes. Pictured are the Fortran Drag Viewer on a ST205 Toyota Celica.

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Sprint Hart CP & Sprint Hart SV - JDM Wheels

The Sprint Hart CP and Sprint Hart SV are JDM Wheels produced by Takechi Project. Both Sprint Hart Wheels feature a short 10 spoke design, the difference is the Sprint Hart SV are offered in smaller sizing for The popular Kei Cars in Japan. Sprint Hart CP and Sprint Hart SV both feature two piece welded construction, and are manufactured by SSR Wheels. The Sprint Hart SV shown are mounted on a Suzuki Alto Works; and the Sprint Hart CP are on a NA series Mazda Miata. Also shown are the various colorways the wheels were avialable in. Also notable is the phrase “Hart Motor Sports Sprint” in the print.

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Veilside Supra Veilside Andrew Racing V

The Veilside Supra was a game changer, it spawned a whole body kit movement in the late 90’s. I remember one of my friends had the veilside bumper on his 96 civic coupe, and another on his 95 prelude, and a few years later on the hero car in the prolific car movie, The Fast and the Furious. At the time, the styling was revolutionary. The Swooping lines, all the vents and that pedestal style wing. Also new, was the JDM Wheels, the Veilside Andrew Racing V Wheels. The Veilside Andrew Racing V feature a thick 5 spoke design with a unique center cap covering the lug nuts. The Veilside Andrew Racing V were manufactured by SSR Wheels and featured 2 piece construction.

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Inter Milano Milano Spoke by Best - JDM Wheels

The Inter Milano Milano Spoke are JDM Wheels with a nice simple 5 spoke design. The Inter Milano Milano Spoke feature one piece cast aluminum construction. domain check free The Inter Milano Milano Spoke was a great lower priced Japanese Wheel that were pretty popular in the late 1990’s. They were available in many sizes in 4 and 5 lug and from 14×6 all the way to a nice 16×8.


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Carving Stark II by Work Wheels - JDM Wheels

The Carving Stark II are direction 5 spoke JDM Wheels made by Work Wheels. The Carving Stark II feature sandwich mount 3 piece construction with nice robust stepped lips. how to search domain names The Carving Stark series are noted for thier twisted spoke style, which the Carving Stark I have the llongest, thinnest stlye spokes. also shown towards the bottom are the Carving Stark I.

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