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Napre Japan NJ-901 NJ-911 - JDM Wheels

Napre Japan NJ-901 & NJ-911 are JDM Wheels that we did not get much of here stateside. The Napre Japan NJ-901 feature a twisted 5 spoke design and is shown mounted to a Z32 Nissan 300zx Fairlady Z. The Napre NJ-911 features a mesh type design with covered lug nuts mounted on a Toyota Mark-II. Both Napre Wheels feature 2 piece construction.

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Mugen RNR Super Weapon - JDM Wheels

The Mugen RNR are Iconic JDM Wheels known for fitment on Golgen Age Honda Automobiles. The Mugen RNR feature very lightweight one piece construction which boasts a low weight of 4.95kg; which is 9.9 lbs! They have a simple 5 spoke design and come in 4×100 pcd. Shown are the Mugen RNR on a DC Honda Integra. The Honda Integra has other Mugen Goodies such as the Mugen Body Kit and Headlight Trim.

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GAB Sports AE86 Toyota Corolla by Wings

Gab Sports is a JDM suspension tuning company in Japan, and shown here is an AE86 Toyota Corolla in an ad for their adjustable shock absorbers.

Gab Sports
AE86 Toyota Corolla

Hasemi Sport S5 by SSR Wheels - JDM Wheels

The Hasemi Sport S5 are JDM Wheels with a little racing pedigree; as they were made for the Hasemi racing Team in Japan. The Hasemi Sport S5 are made by SSR Wheels and feature their classic 2 piece construction, with the face bolted in a 20 bolt barrel. Hasemi Sport S5 also utilizes the Speedstar Racing electron locking mechanism on the center caps which aids in theft prevention. Shown are the Hasemi Sport S5 on a Z32 Nissan 300ZX Fairlady Z.

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Mahler Racing 3 Piece Wheel - JDM Wheels

The Mahler Racing 3 Piece Wheels are Old School JDM Wheels with a very distinct star design. As the name implies, the Mahler Racing 3 Piece feature 3 piece costruction but with the faces mounted in the front. The Mahler Racing 3 Piece feature hidden lug nuts with rings and hex nuts which are popular of the era. Another cool but obscure feature of these wheels are 2 wheels get 2 black stripes, and the other 2 get 3 black stripes.


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Desmond Promoda Vivace not made in Russia - JDM Wheels

The Desmond Promoda Vivace are JDM Wheels that are not made in Russia. Desmond are famous for making the Regamaster model that was the only wheels they made in Russia, but not these. The Desmond Promoda Vivace feature a five spoke star design with hidden lug nuts and a hex center cap. The Desmond Promoda Vivace feature 3 piece costruction with exposed hardware.


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FEEL'S Special Tuning Parts by Honda Twin cam

Feel’s is a Tuning Firm in Japan specializing in Honda Automobiles and is also known by Honda Twin Cam. This ad shows tuning parts for Honda Civic Si-R EF9, Honda CR-X Si-R EF8, Honda Civic Si EF3, Honda CR-X Si EF7, Honda NSX, Acura NSX. Shown are Feel’s Stainless Steel Header and Feel’s Exhaust Systems. Also Feel’s Intake, Feel’s Strut Bars and Feel’s Short Shifter

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