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Volk Racing GTU by Rays Engineering - JDM Wheels

Volk Racing GTU are JDM Wheels targetted towards the USDM Market. As the wording on the ad suggests, these JDM Wheels are named for the IMSA GT-U Class, an American racing series. The Volk Racing GTU are 2 piece wheels with a mesh face. Pictured are the Volk Racing GTU on an S13 series Niissan 180SX.


The Advertisement reads:

“An Intrepid newcomer to the world of Volk Racing with the integrity to compete at the searing speeds of the IMSA Series GT-U Glass. Equipped with a two piece forged rim and a revolutionary disk with a 12 cross-point mesh design, it offers unsurpassed performance and strength. The wheel’s exceptional breathing and tight weight combine to give you the competitive edge. Introducing the Volk Racing GT-U. For achieving your Daytona dream.”


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