AME Modelart by Enkei – JDM Wheels

AME Modelart by Enkei - JDM Wheels
The AME Modelart are JDM Wheels with a fancy twist made by Enkei Wheels in Japan. The AME Modelart features a smooth 5 spoke profile with a center cap to hide the lug nuts to a point center. The Modelart features 2 piece consruction and stepped lips. Pictured are The AME wheels on a Toyota Soarer, Toyota Crown Majesta, Toyota Aristo and the fastest of the bunch FD3s Mazda RX7.


AME Modelart
AME Wheels
Enkei Wheels
Toyota Soarer
Toyota Crown Majesta
Toyota Aristo
Mazda RX7 FD3s
FD Mazda Rx7
JDM Wheels

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