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Type R + Type X = Type RX – 1996 JDM Honda Integra Type-R DC2 on SSR Type X

JDM Honda Integra Type R on SSR Type X

The Honda Integra Type-R (or Acura Integra Type R on this side of the pond) is argueably the best production FF car ever
produced. As far as I can recall in the mid 90’s, the SSR type X was marketed as the lightest weight wheels available,
starting a light weight wheel war for a while. This clean Championship White Honda Integra Type R brings those two
products together nicely. Some Super Rare Ohlins and HKS suspension bits enhance the handling charachteristics as
well as clean up the stance of this fine automobile.

JDM Honda Integra Type R on SSR Type X
Integra Type-R SSR on Type-X

“580000 over-the-counter sales price and the selling point ◇ ◇ accessory retrofit B18C 98 spec engine timing belt has been
replaced with a dealer inspection records with LSD S80 mission backless air vehicle specification ABS Speed Star type X
aluminum Orleans harmonic drive Klux spring HKS Pillow ball mount aluminum strut tower bar genuine bullet-shaped
stainless steel muffler Kakimoto HID projector headlights genuine 98 spec aero parts carbon genuine tone panel leg ×
2 black genuine RECARO seats Momo steering wheel genuine titanium shift knob Kenwood CD / MD stereo speakers
outside of vehicle details ◇ ◇ “

JDM Honda Integra Type R on SSR Type X
This car can be yours for a mere 580000 yen or almost $8000 – Integra TYPE-R on SSR Type-X

1996 Honda Integra Type R 96 Spec
Wheels: SSR Type X
Suspension: Ohlins Suspension with HKS Pillow Ball Mounts
Exhaust: stainless steel muffler Kakimoto
Interior: Black Recaro Seats, Titanium shift knob, Momo Steering Wheel
Exterior 98 spec aero parts