Stern Face II by Hinodex Fortecs – JDM Wheels

Stern Face II by Hinodex Fortecs - JDM Wheels
The Stern Face II are JDM Wheels most famous for being offered on certain Saleen Mustang models in the 1990’s. The Stern Face II feature a muscular 5 spoke face with expossed outer wheel hardware. The The Stern Face II also has a open lug nut design and crest center caps. Shown are the Stern Face II on a first generation Toyota Celsior Lexus LS400. Also shown are the Stern Face-I and the Stern R16-S which on another ad is referred to as the Stern R Schmiede.


Stern Face-II
Toyota Celsior
Lexus LS400
Stern Wheels
Stern Face-II
Stern Face-I
Stern R16-S
Stern R Schmiede

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