FEEL’S Special Tuning Parts by Honda Twin Cam

FEEL'S Special Tuning Parts by Honda Twin cam
Feel’s is a Tuning Firm in Japan specializing in Honda Automobiles and is also known by Honda Twin Cam. This ad shows tuning parts for Honda Civic Si-R EF9, Honda CR-X Si-R EF8, Honda Civic Si EF3, Honda CR-X Si EF7, Honda NSX, Acura NSX. Shown are Feel’s Stainless Steel Header and Feel’s Exhaust Systems. Also Feel’s Intake, Feel’s Strut Bars and Feel’s Short Shifter

Feel’s Special Tuning Parts
Honda Twin Cam
Honda Civic Si-R EF9
Honda CR-X Si-R EF8
Honda Civic Si EF3
Honda SR-X Si EF7
Honda NSX
Acura NSX
Feel’s Stainless Steel Header
Feel’s Stainless steel Exhaust
Feel’s Flywheel
Feel’s Springs Suspension
Feel’s Clutch and Pressure Plate
Feel’s Brake Pads
Feel’s Head Gasket
Feel’s Intake System
Feel’s Strut Bars
Feel’s Short Shifter
Feel’s Guages

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