Watanabe Wheels Line-Up – JDM Wheels

Watanabe Wheels Line-Up - JDM Wheels
Racing Service Watanabe is probably one of the first names that comes to mindwhen it comes to Old School JDM Wheels.The most noteable is The Watanabe Type R with its 8 spoke Banana type design and deep dish. The Watanabe GR-8 was is now a historic wheel that inspired the XXR 002. The Watanabe Stellar is a JDM Wheel that I actually have never seen before. For an added price, the 8 spoke models are not only available in aluminum, but also Magnesium Wheels.


Racing Service Watanabe
Watanabe Wheels
Watanabe Type R
Watanabe GR-8
Watanabe Stellar
Magnesium Wheels
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  1. Hi,
    maybe you can help, i am looking for a rim for my Porsche.
    its a 964 changed to G-model, with a lot of 993 parts.
    its more for off road, and i want to fit 16 Inch rims but they need to fit 993 turbo callipers, the only rim that will fit is D90, i like your eight spoke mags needs 5 holes.
    any help possible

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