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BBS RS Porsche 911 Cabriolet on Barrett Jackson Auctions

Porsche 911 on BBS RS

I was watching a replay of the Barret Jackson Auction Scottsdale 2011 on Speed Channel the other day and spotted this 1985 Porsche 911 wearing a nice set of one of our favorite wheels:  the BBS RS. This spiecimen of RS appears to be of the 16″ variety, and color coded to the Porsche’s hue of red. They also sport full height caps and look to be at around 10″ wide in the rear. This Porsche sports a Slant Nose front end and isn’t bad either. – BBS RS Porsche 911 Cabriolet on Barrett Jackson Auctions

The Porsche ended up selling for almost $35k

Porsche 911 on BBS RS Porsche 911 on BBS RS

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BBS RS – Old School Sightings

BBS RS’s are the “Jack of All Trades” of performance wheels. OEM on VW’s, BMW’s & Toyota’s; and fitted on everything between Corvette’s to Civic’s.

Here are a few old school sightings of BBS RS in the Media:

BBS RS Mercedes S Class Miami Vice
Check out Crockett and Tubbs posing with this Euro S Class

And Biz Markie with this MPV on RS’s


I know theres more out there, as I see them I shall ad them. Please drop me a line if you know any.