RS Elbe River Wheels / RS Felge – JDM Wheels

RS Elbe River Wheels / RS Felge – JDM Wheels
RS Elbe produced a nice line of JDM Wheels in the 90’s. With classic mesh designs, a star design and an AMG Dish inspired design they covered the popular designs of the period. The Elbe Racing Mesh Open had open lug nuts and a stepped lip, and came in 15″-17″ sizing. The Elbe Racing Mesh had the faux centerlock look and only in 17″. The Elbe Racing Spoke II had a 5 spoke design similar to the likes of the Work Equip 05, Impul R5 and many others. Lastly the Elbe River Racing Dish had the AMG Dish inspired design shared with Starform, Work, SSR and many other early VIP inspirations. Pictured are the Elbe River Racing Dish on a Toyota Celsior, or Japanese Version Lexus LS400..



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