Gull RS by Lucky Lark – JDM Wheels

Gull RS by Lucky Lark - JDM Wheels
The Gull RS are JDM Wheels which feature a 5 spoke design. The Gull RS has a covered lug nut design with a locking Hex Nut which emulates a Center Lock system. The Gull RS were available in 14-17 inch diameters. Pictured are the Gull RS on an NA Series Mazda Miata V-Special on 16×7 +35 wrapped in 195/50/15 tires.



Gull RS by Love Lark
Mazda Miata V-Special
JDM Wheels

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  1. these wheels are made by ssr! saw one up for sale a few months ago with the sticker on the back saying GULL RS. 14×6 +38 were the specs of them iirc

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