GALE LS636 Wheels by Lepone Staff – JDM Wheels

GALE LS636 Wheels by Lepone Staff - JDM Wheels
The GALE LS636 are one of the classic JDM Wheels to hit the US Market in the 1990’s; back then and even now we just call them GALES. What makes the GALE LS636 a bit different, is they had better distribution than other JDM wheels at the time, which made them more popular. The GALE LS636 features a 10 spoke face with lugnut hidden behind a center ring and hex cap; a popular faux centerlock design very popular at the time. At the time of print, the GALE LS636 were available in sizing up to 16x8j and in 4 different colors. Shown above are the GALE’s mounted on a S13 Nissan Silvia. Now the question is, who has a set of 5×114 GALE’s in 16x8j in Gunmetal?

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