Bolzanos SPHINCK Bolzanos SAVAGE Bolzanos MARIAGE – VIP Wheels

Bolzanos SPHINCK Bolzanos SAVAGE Bolzanos MARIAGE - VIP Wheels
The Bolzanos lineup of VIP wheels look to have an american style to them, reminiscent of an application you may see on a chevy truck. The Bolzanos SAVAGE has a twin six spoke design with covered lug nut, with a chrome finish. Similar to the Savage, the Bolzanos SPHINCK has a twin seven spoke design in chrome with a covered lug nuts. The Bolzanos MARIAGE has a five wrapped five spoke design and exposed lug nuts, in this case resembling other more common Japanese VIP Wheels. On the ohter hand we have the Bolzanos Vancleef with more of a european style; slightly reminiscent to the Breyton Magic or something from Hartge. The Bolzanos B.A.E SS1 is a two piece wheel with a 5 spoke design and open lug area. The Bolzanos B.A.E MARIAGE is similar to the regular Bolzanos MARIAGE but with two piece construction. The Bolzanos B.A.E MS has a split spoke performance look similar to the BBS LM or Work VS-XX, but with a slightly different look. Thw Bolzanos B.A.E DS is another two piece with a more formal VIP look similae to the SSR Vienna Dish or Work Euroline DH. Pictured are the Bolzanos SPHINCK on a Toyota Crown.

Bolzanos SPHINCK
Bolzanos SAVAGE
Bolzanos MARIAGE
Bolzanos Vancleef
Bolzanos B.A.E SS1
Bolzanos B.A.E MARIAGE
Bolzanos B.A.E MS
Bolzanos B.A.E DS
Toyota Crown
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