Akebono USDM EF Civic on Work Ewing – A Modern Classic

They say pictures are worth a thousand words. When I first came across pictures of this car I could only come up with 2 words: Clean & Simple. This EF civic is from the JDM motherland AKA Japan. It used to rock CST Demon Cambers, and it already looked really good, but these Work Ewing Mesh really set this car off!. I always think Chrome wheels look best on black cars, and this is proof.


Those Ewings are clean, look at the detail on these wheels: chrome with black windows accentuated with gold caps and bolts. This picture was actually the wallpaper on my desktop gor a year!

“The wheels are E-Wing Mesh 15×7 (10) all around with 10mm spacers up front and 15mm spacers in the back. Tires are 165/45R15 & 175/45R15 in the back. If it was up to us we would run an inch wider in the back though but it’s sexy regardless, don’t you think so?”
– Stancenation.com


Ride height is perfect, brought down with a set of Cusco Coilovers. Can’t stop looking at those wheels.


On the street, I don’t know hats up with the mask though haha.


This car with its timeless looks will always be a classic… Bye Bye!


Wheels: Work E-Wing Mesh 15×7 +10
Tires: 165/45R15 & front 175/45R15 rear
Spacers: 10mm front & 15mm rear
Suspension: Cusco Coilover
Other: Custom Front Lip


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