Toms Racing Evolution Equipment Toyota MR2 SW20

Toms Racing Evolution Equipment Toyota MR2 SW20
Tom’s Racing is a JDM Tuning Firm for Toyota Automobiles in Japan. The attached advertisement contains parts for the SW20 Toyota MR2. Most Notable are the Tom’s Racing Spirit C3 JDM Wheels actually made by Rays Engineering. Another nice partis the Tom’s Le Mans Steering Wheels made by Personal / Nardi.The Tom’s Recaro S and Tom’s Bucket Seats by Recaro are also nice pieces. Kind of looks like everything here are made by other tuning firms.


Toms Racing Equipment 2
Toyota MR2 SW20 SW21
Toms Spirit C3
Toms Le Mans Steering Wheel
Toms Recaro
Toms Barrel Exhaust System

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