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Stern Series Wheels by Hinodex Fortecs - JDM Wheels

The Stern Series of JDM Wheels is most Popularized by the Stern Face-II 5 Spoke Wheel. So popular, it was used on certain year Saleen Mustangs. The Stern Face-II is a muscular looking fat face 5 spoke wheel with exposed hardware. The Stern Face-I was pretty much the one peice version of the face-II. The Stern Face-II 6s was similar just that it had 6 spokes. The Stern R Schmiede had curved spokes, which I am guessing would be helpful to big brake fitment. Pictured above are the Stern Face-II-6s mounted on an Nissan Silvia S13, and a MK3 Toyota Supra.



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Volk Racing Group C Europe by Rays Engineering - JDM Wheels

The Volk Racing Group C Europe are the one piece version of the Volk Racing Group C JDM Wheels. The Volk Racing Group C Europe features the similar 5 spoke design with an elongated dimple in each spoke, and hidden lug nuts with a hex cover. Pictured what looks to be the Volk Racing Group C Europe mounted to a Nissan Skyline GTST R32. As with all Volk Racing wheels, they are manufactured by Rays Engineering.

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Racing Direction Quattro - JDM Wheels

The Racing Direction Quattro are more of an obscure type of JDM Wheels. I really can’t say I have seen the Racing Direction Quattro online or in person, but they sure do look unique as most 4 spoke JDM wheels do. Pictured above are the Racing Direction Quattro on an S13 Nissan Silvia running staggered sizes 16×7 +35 and 16×8 +38; such consevative sizing compared to what people run today.


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TMR Racing Concept by Tomei Racing - JDM Wheels

The TMR Racing Concept are six spoke JDM Wheels by Tomei Racing / TM Sports. The TMR Racing Concept features a six spoke design with hidden lug nuts in a 3 piece construction. Sizes were available between 16×6.5 up to a nice beefy 17×9.5 and in blue, silver or gold. Picture are the Tomei TMR Racing Concept on an R32 Nissan Skyline GTR.

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KIC SWC-R by SSR Wheels - JDM Wheels

The KIC SWC-R are rare JDM Wheels made by SSR Wheels. The KIC SWC-R feature a mesh face in a 2 piece wheel design. I dont recall seeing any sets of the KIC SWC-R in person or online which must make it one of the more rare JDM Wheels than most. Pictured are the KIC SWC-R mounted to a S13 Nissan Silvia.

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Hasemi Sport S5 & S5R by SSR Wheels - JDM Wheels

The Hasemi Sport S5 and The Hasemi Sport S5R are classic JDM Wheels from Speed Star Racing. The Hasemi Sport S5 shares the Electron Locking System shared with the more popular SSR EX-C Fin and Racing Hart Super Fin. The Hasemi Sport S5 are available in 14″ – 16″ diameters. The Hasemi Sport S5R is the 17″ version, but does not have the Electron Lock. Pictured are the Hasemi Sport S5R on an R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R.


Hasemi Sport S5
Hasemi Sport S5R
SSR Wheels
Speedstar Racing
JDM Wheels
Nissan Skyline GT-R R32


Super Star Wheels Line Up - JDM Wheels

Super Star Wheels has been manufacturing JDM Wheels since the 80’s. This ad exhibits their lineup from 1982.
Super Star Wheels SS05 on a Nissan 240ZG
Super Star Wheels SS01 On a Toyota Chaser
Super Star Wheels SSRIII Mazda RX7 SA
Super Star Wheels SS06 Pontiac Trans Am
Super Star Wheels SSRFIII Mazda 323
Super Star Wheels SSRFI Honda Prelude
Super Star Wheels SS03 Nissan Cedric


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