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GAB Sports AE86 Toyota Corolla by Wings

Gab Sports is a JDM suspension tuning company in Japan, and shown here is an AE86 Toyota Corolla in an ad for their adjustable shock absorbers.

Gab Sports
AE86 Toyota Corolla

JDM Wheels - GAB Sport 2 Piece Wheels

GAB Sports JDM Wheels are an old school lightweight wheel from the 90’s. The GAB Sports wheels feature 2 piece construction with face welded in to the barrel; which was manufactured by Enkei. I recall the wheels being popular initially with the 240/S13 crowd at first, but then they became quite popular with the Honda Crowd with 4×100 sizing options, which probably spawned the Rota GT3. Sizes start at 15×6.5 up to 16×8, with specific sizing for Toyota SW20 MR2 and Nissan R32 Skyline. – JDM Wheels – GAB Sports 2 Piece Wheels

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