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Desmond Promoda Vivace not made in Russia - JDM Wheels

The Desmond Promoda Vivace are JDM Wheels that are not made in Russia. Desmond are famous for making the Regamaster model that was the only wheels they made in Russia, but not these. The Desmond Promoda Vivace feature a five spoke star design with hidden lug nuts and a hex center cap. The Desmond Promoda Vivace feature 3 piece costruction with exposed hardware.


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Desmond Auto Strasse Zephir - JDM Wheels

The Desmond Auto Strasse Zephir are JDM Wheels with 2 piece construction. Shown here are the Desmond Auto Strasse Zephir on an EG Honda Civic Hatchback.


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Desmond Promoda Cresendo - JDM Wheels

The Desmond Promoda Cresendo are JDM Wheels that have more of a VIP flare to them. Full thick spokes give a spartan look, and Gold Bolts and Logos give it that luxurious look. Desmond is of course known for their Regamaster line of wheels, this is one of their more rare offerings. Pictured are the Desmond Promoda Cresendo on a Y32 Nissan Gloria.


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