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Top Fuel Honda Integra Type R DC2 ITR

Top Fuel Honda Integra Type R DC2 – Top Fuel Japan makes some pretty hard core JDM Honda parts. This advertisement displays some real nice, and pricey, Honda Integra Type R parts from the day including; B series turbo kits, intercooler kit, oil cooler kit, titanium connecting rods, stainless exhaust and Aero Kit. Check out the prices on those connecting rods!


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Mugen RNR Super Weapon - JDM Wheels

The Mugen RNR are Iconic JDM Wheels known for fitment on Golgen Age Honda Automobiles. The Mugen RNR feature very lightweight one piece construction which boasts a low weight of 4.95kg; which is 9.9 lbs! They have a simple 5 spoke design and come in 4×100 pcd. Shown are the Mugen RNR on a DC Honda Integra. The Honda Integra has other Mugen Goodies such as the Mugen Body Kit and Headlight Trim.

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FEEL'S Special Tuning Parts by Honda Twin cam

Feel’s is a Tuning Firm in Japan specializing in Honda Automobiles and is also known by Honda Twin Cam. This ad shows tuning parts for Honda Civic Si-R EF9, Honda CR-X Si-R EF8, Honda Civic Si EF3, Honda CR-X Si EF7, Honda NSX, Acura NSX. Shown are Feel’s Stainless Steel Header and Feel’s Exhaust Systems. Also Feel’s Intake, Feel’s Strut Bars and Feel’s Short Shifter

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Work Ewing III Acura NSX - JDM Wheels

Work Ewing III are 5 spoke JDM Wheels made by Work Wheels in Japan. The Work Ewing III feature 3 piece construction and coverd lug nuts with a hex caps. Pictures in the ad are the Work Ewing III on an NA1 Acura NSX

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Gathers Super N1 EK9 Civic and DC2 Integra by Craftz

Gathers Honda Integra Type R 96 Spec and Honda Civic Type-R EK9 with suspension by Craftz for Super N1 Endurance Race in Japan

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Mugen Sports Exhaust System Aero Line Silencer

The Mugen Aero Line Silencer is The JDM Exhaust for your JDM Honda Civic EF or Acura Integra DA. Distinguished by the vented exhaust tips and the Mugen Power Plaques, JDM Afficionados can spot these from afar.


Here are some helpful Part Numbers from Mugen

Honda CR-X Si EF
Mugen 18000-XE4-K4S0
Mugen 18000-XE5-K3S0

Honda Civic Si EF
Mugen 18000-XE5-K4S0
Mugen 18000-XE5-K3S0

Acura Integra 3dr Vtec DA

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Mugen CF-48 Aero Wheels - JDM Wheels

The Mugen CF-48 are JDM Wheels that used an aero design. The The Mugen CF-48 has had several nicknames such as the clutch wheels and the manhole covers. The center area does have a clutch like appearance to help draw air from the brakes. An optional aero cover was also available to help the air and for aerodynamics. Pictured are the CF-48 on a first generation Honda Integra.

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