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Watanabe Falcon Turbo - JDM Wheels

Watanabe Wheels are one of the older manufacturer of JDM Wheels in Japan. Most notable for their banana spoke type wheels, they also made the Watanabe Falcon Turbo Wheels back in the early 80′s as this ad was circa 1981. Also featured is the Falcon Z Spoiler on the S130 Nissan 280zx Turbo. The sizing of the Watanabe falcon Turbo Wheels are 14×8 front & 14×8.5 rear which is still decent over 30 years later!



Hiro V-1 by SSR Wheels - JDM Wheels

The Hiro V-1 are Classic JDM Wheels made for the Japanese tuning firm Hiro Engineering manufactured by Speedstar Racing aka SSR Wheels. SSR Hiro V-1 styling was inspired by the Super Silhoutte Racers of the day. Originally available in Chrome, White and Gun Metal as shown, there is also a colorway of Gold with white accents. The Hiro V-1 also features the SSR Electron Magnetic locking system.


Super Star Wheels Line Up - JDM Wheels

Super Star Wheels has been manufacturing JDM Wheels since the 80′s. This ad exhibits their lineup from 1982.
Super Star Wheels SS05 on a Nissan 240ZG
Super Star Wheels SS01 On a Toyota Chaser
Super Star Wheels SSRIII Mazda RX7 SA
Super Star Wheels SS06 Pontiac Trans Am
Super Star Wheels SSRFIII Mazda 323
Super Star Wheels SSRFI Honda Prelude
Super Star Wheels SS03 Nissan Cedric


Heroes Racing Mesh FF by Interhouse - JDM Wheels

Heroes Racing Mesh FF are Old School JDM Wheels from the 1980′s. Heroes Racing Mesh are light weight one piece mesh wheels which were available in gold and silver finishes. Picture in the center of the ad are the Heroes Racing Mesh mounted to a Mazda Familia 323.


Linea Sport RX by Crimson - JDM Wheels

The Linea Sport RX are Old School JDM Wheels from the mid 90′s. The Linea Sport RX features a Classic Mesh design with covered lug nuts similar to the style of the BBS RS. The face is mounted behind the lip to give it the classic sandwich mount look format. Pictured is a Lexus LS400 / Toyota Celsior and the car looks classy and perfect.



Buddy Club P1 Steering Wheel

The Buddy Club P1 Steering Wheel is a JDM steering wheel from the late 90′s. It featured a Faux Carbon Fiber face (Carbon Check Spoke) and an aluminum horn ring with the engrish “Let’s challenge to the limits of power!” engraved. It was available in either a suede or leather finish. Pictured in the Advertisement is the Buddy Club Honda Civic EG Series. The P1 moniker actually stands for Position One.



SSR Longchamp XR-4Z Kai by Speedstar Racing

The Longchamp XR-4Z Kai are JDM Wheels which carries the 6 spoke tradition from the older and smaller SSR Longchamp XR-4. The updated Longchamp XR-4Z Kai by SSR Wheels are available in larger 16″-17″ sizes and have a more moders style organic face and barrel design. Pictured on the ad are the SSR Longchamp XR-4Z Kai on an R33 Nissan Skyline GT-R.



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