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Yokohama Slim Line SF-01 - JDM Wheels

The Yokohama Slim Line SF-01 are Fin Type are JDM Wheels for FF configured Vehicles. The The Yokohama Slim Line SF-01 features one piece construction, and b the name of it may be targetted by smaller Kei Cars.


Toyota Celica XX 2800GT MA61 JDM Toyota Supra Mark II

The Toyota Celica XX 2800GT MA61 is the JDM Version of the USDM Toyota Supra Mark II. Sharing chassis with similar year Toyota Celica, the Toyota Celica XX / Toyota Supra a bigger 6 cylinder 2.8 Liter DOHC 5M-GE engine.



Spoon Sports Accessories EF Honda Civic CR-X NSX

Spoon Sports is known to make high quality high performance parts for Honda Car. This Advertisement show some of the parts from the early 90’s including Honda Civic, Honda CR-X, Honda Integra, Honda NSX and More!


1 Spoon Sports Shift Knob
2 Spoon sports VTEC Controller VC-3E
3 Spoon sports Guage Cluster
4 Spoon Sports Front Strut Tower Bar
5 Spoon Sports ECU
6 Spoon Sports Oil Cooler
7 Spoon Sports Suspension Damper Kit Rear
8 Spoon Sports Suspension Damper Kit Front
9 Spoon Sports Suspension Bushing
10 Spoon Sports Brake Pads


Work Ewing III Acura NSX - JDM Wheels

Work Ewing III are 5 spoke JDM Wheels made by Work Wheels in Japan. The Work Ewing III feature 3 piece construction and coverd lug nuts with a hex caps. Pictures in the ad are the Work Ewing III on an NA1 Acura NSX


Volk Racing 84c Aero Covers - JDM Wheels

The Volk Racing 84c Aero Covers are one of the few JDM Wheels that actually feature removeable Aero Covers, which are suposed to aid in brake cooling by extracting air from the braking area. Beneath the Aero Covers are actualy a pretty cool Volk Racing Mesh wheel. Pictured are the Volk Racing 84c by Rays Engineering installed on a JDM Toyota Soarer GT in an advertisement for the Serve Body Kit.


Drag 905 and Drag 902 - JDM Wheels

The Drag 905 and Drag 902 are JDM Wheels produced by Leonard Inc.. Both Drag wheels feature a multiple step 5 spoke face similar to the european Ronal R9, both of which look to be AMG Penta “inspired”; a style also used by Enkei 83 and American Racing. The Drag 905 features a more traditional smaller face with the muscular looking stepped lips. The Ronal 902 has a more modern Organic Face design with longer spokes that reach farther out to the edges of the wheels, more popular with FR designed wheels.



Tomei Racing Turbo Wheels - JDM Wheels

The Tomei Racing Turbo are Old School JDM Wheels with a unique Turbo or Aero design to aid in brake cooling and possibly pulling air out from under the car. The Tomei Racing Turbo also features directional pattern on each side, pretty cool to have a staggered set of wheels that are unique to each side. The Turbo’s feature 2 piece construction, and sizing from 15×6″ all the way up to a nice 16×10″. Pictured are the Tomei Racing Turbo bolted to a Z31 Nissan 300ZX


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