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Volk Racing 84c Aero Covers - JDM Wheels

The Volk Racing 84c Aero Covers are one of the few JDM Wheels that actually feature removeable Aero Covers, which are suposed to aid in brake cooling by extracting air from the braking area. Beneath the Aero Covers are actualy a pretty cool Volk Racing Mesh wheel. Pictured are the Volk Racing 84c by Rays Engineering installed on a JDM Toyota Soarer GT in an advertisement for the Serve Body Kit.


Drag 905 and Drag 902 - JDM Wheels

The Drag 905 and Drag 902 are JDM Wheels produced by Leonard Inc.. Both Drag wheels feature a multiple step 5 spoke face similar to the european Ronal R9, both of which look to be AMG Penta “inspired”; a style also used by Enkei 83 and American Racing. The Drag 905 features a more traditional smaller face with the muscular looking stepped lips. The Ronal 902 has a more modern Organic Face design with longer spokes that reach farther out to the edges of the wheels, more popular with FR designed wheels.



Tomei Racing Turbo Wheels - JDM Wheels

The Tomei Racing Turbo are Old School JDM Wheels with a unique Turbo or Aero design to aid in brake cooling and possibly pulling air out from under the car. The Tomei Racing Turbo also features directional pattern on each side, pretty cool to have a staggered set of wheels that are unique to each side. The Turbo’s feature 2 piece construction, and sizing from 15×6″ all the way up to a nice 16×10″. Pictured are the Tomei Racing Turbo bolted to a Z31 Nissan 300ZX


Mugen CF-48 for Honda - JDM Wheels

The Mugen CF-48 are JDM Wheels made for the Honda inhouse tuning firm Mugen Power. The Mugen CF-48 feature a finned design resembling a clutch, but also offered are aero covers. Mugen CF-48 are only made on 4×100 PCD, and only in 13″ and 14″ diameters. Pictures above are the Mugen CF-48 mounted on a EA series Honda Civic Hatchback and Honda City Bulldog Racer.



Super Longchamp XR-3 by SSR Wheels - JDM Wheels

The Super Longchamp XR-3 are 3 spoke JDM Wheels made by Speedstar Racing aka SSR Wheels. More known for the popular 6 spoke variety, the Longchamp veriety employs this three spoke wheel which has hiden lug nuts and two piece construction. This wheel also uses an outer trim ring hiiding the wheel bolts. The Super Longchamp XR-3 was available in 14″ and 15″ sizes.



Watanabe Wheels Line-Up - JDM Wheels

Racing Service Watanabe is probably one of the first names that comes to mindwhen it comes to Old School JDM Wheels.The most noteable is The Watanabe Type R with its 8 spoke Banana type design and deep dish. The Watanabe GR-8 was is now a historic wheel that inspired the XXR 002. The Watanabe Stellar is a JDM Wheel that I actually have never seen before. For an added price, the 8 spoke models are not only available in aluminum, but also Magnesium Wheels.



Mugen MR-5 Aluminum Wheels - JDM Wheels

The Mugen MR-5 are JDM Wheels made exclusively Honda Automobiles, it says it on the wheel itself! They are also probably the most popular wheel Mugen has produced. The Mugen MR-5 features a 5 spoke face with a 2 piece design and exposed bolts. Sizing was available in smaller 14″, most popular 15″ and the most coveted 16″ diameter. A cool detail was that not only did each wheel have a center caps, but each lug nut had its own cover as well. Pictured above is a 1990 Honda Civic EF.



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